"Faith"-A transgender superhero battles hate crimes

  • When a lonely transwoman is changed during a hate crime into a winged being with the power to make people relive their worst memories, she wants nothing to do with these weird “Transcendants” who name her “Faith” and enlist her in the fight against the queer-phobic Reverend Treehorn. She embarks on a journey to get her wings removed and return to her old life. But falling in love derails her plans—and when Treehorn’s forces separate them, Faith must embrace her powers to rescue her love and become a Transcendant warrior.

Who are the TransAmerican Heroes?

We are TRANSCENDANTS: A group of trans and genderqueer superheroes who don’t fit into any box. We have all been transformed into our current forms during hate crimes over the past five decades. Our leader DESTINY, who was created during the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, has been assembling a troop of warriors who are engaged in an epic battle for the soul of America. 

TAH is told in three different voices...


  • The defiant newcomer


  • A warrior with secrets


  • The Leader of TAH

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