Destiny TransAmerican Heroes
Destiny is the leader and creator of the TransAmerican Heroes. Destiny named each of them with the hope of re-kindling faith, truth, anarchy, revolution, peace, independence, freedom, liberty, and justice in this world. Their battle isn’t just against hate crimes. It’s against the global push toward totalitarianism and bigotry. And they won’t stop until they vanquish every last shred of hatred in their path.
Destiny identifies as Two-Spirit, and is half Seminole, half African-American, descended from Kenyans. Destiny controls a powerful Transformation beam. It shows what’s happening anywhere in the world; it can also create new superheroes; and allows all the TAH warriors to travel to their destinations.
Destiny’s story is more abstract, a stream of consciousness narration of the history of how the TransAmerican Heroes came into being, and where they are going next. If you’d like to read Destiny’s story, become a Blue Level subscriber.



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