“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

“TransAmerican Heroes” (TAH) is an ironic, genre-bending graphic novel series documenting the “Transcendants”: a group of genderqueer post-humans in an epic battle for the soul of America. Each of them has been transformed during hate crimes over the last fifty years. Their leader Destiny (who was created during the 1969 Stonewall Uprising) has built a troop of warriors that are now ready to bring down the ultra-rightwing Reverend Treehorn and his followers, and create a revolution of tolerance, cooperation, and equality. 

FAITH is their most recent inductee. Her feisty struggle and adventures form the center of the TAH epic. At first, shocked and annoyed at her unwilling transformation, she does everything she can to escape her fate. But when she falls in love with a human transman, she must turn to her fellow superheroes to save him from the Treehorn forces. 

But Faith isn’t the only one resisting her fate. TRUTH is secretly pursuing a mission of his own: to extract revenge against the former fraternity brothers who murdered his girlfriend during his own transformation in 1989. When Destiny gives him a new assignment—to track down the killer targeting trans women of color in Los Angeles—Truth faces a shocking turn of events. He must decide whether he wants to continue his personal agenda or accept the moral consequences of his actions and submit to his larger purpose.

DESTINY’s visually expressive narrative is a running discourse of the Transcendants’ origin, and the secret behind M—that mysterious Being who created Destiny. In the process, queer history is depicted and made personal—from an early Egyptian trans pharaoh, to a two-spirit Puritan raised in an Algonquin tribe, to a nineteenth century queer Transcendentalist. Destiny and M grapple with debates over the current transhumanist movement, its ties to 20th century eugenics, and its exclusion of populations that already live in post-extinction states. At a turning point in the American project—and, in fact, humanity itself—it’s up to the Transcendants to elevate the ideals of equality and justice, and to defeat the ugly forces of tyranny.

This story’s author is “M” – the alter ego of M. Parr, artist and writer. “M” is the original Transcendant from the 19th century. “M” created Destiny to carry out a global revolution that was not possible until now. 

Where to begin? Start with page 1 of Faith to get up to speed. Subscribe for free to the Red Level to receive new comics every week; or to White or Blue to read about Truth and Destiny. Find out more about the characters. Take inspiration that while bigotry, racism, and homophobia are still alive and well, there are many heroes combating those evil forces every day!

This war is NOT civil, and it cannot be stopped…

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