TransAmericanHeroes is a webcomic about  “Transcendants” – trans and queer superheroes in modern-day America. Ten heroes fight hate crimes against trans people .  But only their leader Destiny knows their true mission, and the upcoming battle that will re-define what it means to be a citizen of this planet.


“Faith” is Destiny’s newest soldier. She didn’t ask for any of this — she just wants to get home. Her feisty struggle and adventures form the center of the TAH epic.

“Truth” has his own story, developing in real time alongside “Faith.” His transformation in 1989 scarred him so deeply that he’s trapped in a bloody cycle of revenge. But what he thinks is a personal journey ends up becoming a crucial link in the Transcendants’ fate.

“Destiny” was transformed during the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in New York City. As the mother/father/leader, Destiny knows where the others came from and where they’re going. Destiny named each one to honor American values of faith, truth, anarchy, revolution, peace, independence, freedom, liberty, and justice. And Destiny won’t stop fighting until every last shred of bigotry and hatred are stomped out.

This story’s author is “M” – the alter ego of M. Parr, artist and writer. “M” is the original Transcendant from the 19th century. “M” created Destiny to carry out a global revolution that was not possible until now. 

Where to begin? Start with page 1 of Faith to get up to speed. Subscribe for free to the Red Level to receive new comics every week; or to White or Blue to read about Truth and Destiny. Find out more about the characters. Read about what it’s like to be an LGBTQAI individual today. And become part of the changes that are brewing in our larger society.

This war is NOT civil, and it cannot be stopped…

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