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Our TransAmerican Heroes Epic revolves around the story of Faith, a transwoman who is suddenly–against her will–turned into a super-being with wings. She has no intention of joining Destiny’s strange band of “Transcendants” fighting hate crimes–let alone the larger villain threatening America and the world. She just wants to get rid of her wings and go home. But Destiny has other plans….

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Faith - TransAmerican Heroes


Life as a transwoman has never been easy, and being kidnapped by a group of Transgender Superbeings hasn’t made things any easier. Will Faith rise to the challenge and embrace her new identity as a TransAmerican Hero?

Truth has been trapped in a bloody cycle of revenge since his transformation. But will he find redemption in vengeance?


Truth TransAmerican Heroes
Destiny TransAmerican Heroes


Destiny is the wise and powerful leader of the TransAmerican Heroes. Only D knows the true mission of the Transcendants. But does Destiny know how the story will end?